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Permanent collection

Permanent collection

Chips, beer and chocolates... surely there is more to Belgium than that? Democracy, prosperity, solidarity, pluralism, migration, languages and Europe: these are the themes used by the BELvue Museum to help you to discover Belgium. Each one is developed through present-day testimonials and then traced right through history. This is a modern, original way of gaining a fuller understanding of modern-day Belgium.


Have a look at the gallery too: there are more than 200 objects to view, each one forming a tangible memory of Belgium. Here are just a few examples: a lithograph by Magritte, a motorcycle, crystal vases by Val Saint-Lambert, and a football signed by the Red Devils. The very essence of Belgian-ness!

Measures to respect

The BELvue Museum has been closely following government recommendations since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. Following the decisions of the National Security Council we are delighted to organise the reopening on the 1st December of 2020.

Several hygiene measures have been put in place in order to guarantee the safety of each visitor. These measures are likely to evolve according to the adaptations of the government directives. You will find the list of measures below :

Before coming to the museum

  • You can book your visit via the BELvue website, whether it is for a visit to the BELvue Museum, a temporary exhibition or the Coudenberg Palace. If you wish to visit several tours, please book each visit individually. If you need help with online booking, you can send an email to  .
  • Wearing a mask is currently compulsory. If you don't have one, you can buy a bag with a mask and gloves at the entrance. We strongly recommend electronic payments.
  • For the children who participate in the games "Mimi & Momo", "I'm the minister!", "On the road with Zeno" and the temporary exhibition, "Comès. Of Shadow and Silence", please bring along your own grey and coloured pencils.
  • Is you group a bubble? Please find all info here.

On site

  • You follow the route indicated by the posters and stickers on the ground (a map is available at the reception desk). The entrance and exit will be in two different places.
  • You will receive a touch pen in order to use the screens. Several disinfection stations are at your disposal in the building.
  • The number of people in each room is limited and is indicated on a poster at the entrance.
  • The shop remains accessible. 
  • The cloakroom is not accessible. 
  • The tools to be handled in the museum have been condemned.
  • Plexiglas screens protect the exchanges at the cash desk. We ask you to give priority to electronic payments as much as possible.
  • Two stewards will monitor visitor access to the museum. One at the reception desk, the other in the museum. One or two stewards will also be present in the Coudenberg Palace.

General measures for the BELvue

  • Daily disinfection of the windows, toilets and all touch screens.

General measures for the Coudenberg

  • Cancellation of the "Waouw" game until further notice.
  • The "In Search of the Treasure of the Golden Fleece" treasure hunt is limited in number, the material is disinfected after each use. 
  • Group visits are possible per bubble. You can reserve online for maximum 15 people. For reservations, we ask bubbles to contact us at or 02 500 45 54.
  • Is your group a bubble? Find all info here. 

We invite you to stay informed in real time via FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Linkedin or by subscribing to our newsletter. Take care and see you at the museum!